Sync Lab was born in 2002 on the initiative of a restricted group of managers, coming from qualified and advanced sectors of the I.T., joined to a group of young and motivated technicians.
The convergence of objectives and development strategies, joined to the determination and potential involved in the commercial and technical area, allowed the firm to reach its objectives and achieve important results in terms of numerical growth, territory expansion, its positioning on the market and qualification in the areas of its target market.

Why “Sync Lab”?

The choice of company name was meant to recall two key elements of the company project:

  • the strategic will to be in Synchronism with:
    • our clients, their needs, the projects shared with them
    • our collaborators and their professional and life paths
    • technologies and their turbulent apparitions and developments
  • the certainty that the existence of a heart of the company is mandatory. That is, there is an organ in charge to give strength and life to definite strategies and initiatives; this role is entrusted, in Sync Lab, to a virtual and transversal entity; the head and branch offices: the laboratory, a place where ideas, R&D themes, projects, professionalities are developed.