GIS Systems

The GIS systems are thus utilized to manage maps of different kinds constituted of a certain number of layers, each of them dedicated to a certain theme ( for example: buildings, rivers,roads). For each element ( such as: an house, a river, a road) the geographic position is saved on the map, whereas all the other informations ( such as: owner, address, year of construction) are listed on the attributes table.

Sync Lab, with the target of diversification if the market and competences, has significantly invested in this field, acquiring from the market mature professionalities on the technologies (ESRI and/or Open Source), managing different projects, among which:

  • Mobile Videosurveillance;
  • Management of Vehicle Fleets;
  • Management of Sea Security and Sea Rescue (see picture below);
  • Management Manteinance of urban road networks integrated with advanced collection and data storages based on video technologies (see picture below).