Supervision & Control Systems

Supervision & Control Systems were born with the purpose to enable monitoring and remote management of plants or scenes by means of data supplied by peripheral devices reachable through local and/or geographical multilevel networks. This allows us to avoid the human partecipation (which in some cases can be impossible) and to consequently centralize telecontrolling, operated in manual or automatic mode reducing management costs remarkably.

Typical characteristics of this demain are:

  • the bi-directional communication in “data” and “controls” mode;
  • the massive processing of data coming from the devices in “near real-time” mode and, anyway, in useful time for the efficient control of the monitored process;
  • the adoption of semi-automatic control logics to avoid as much as possible the human partecipation.
  • the high reliability, sturdiness and fault-tolerance standards.
  • the security in the access to the central system, to the interconnection and devices networks.

Sync Lab’s chief fields are:

  • Utilities”, management firms of energy distribution networks with supervision and control systems of the same networks and of the users;
  • Telecommunications”, with the remote control systems of the broadcasting networks, their devices and their users;
  • the “Physical and Informatic Security”, with videomonitoring systems on wired and wireless networks, anti-intruding and anti-fraud;
  • air, rail and road transport, with the traffic, facilities and fleet control systems.

In these contests Sync Lab has to its own credit the partecipation into the realization of various monitoring and supervision centres, products of the integration of HW and SW components designed with the avant-guard technologies in the field. The matured experiences allow this company to blend together the know-how and technologies aquired, with the aim to identify in a creative way new architectural and design solutions.